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This is a typical Turkish dish generally served in large gatherings. There are at list five different types of  börek in Turkish cuisine and today I will post one of the classics. Making the dough calls for lots of care and patience. It must be rolled out very thinly, and [...]

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Maybe it scares you the title but actually it’s pretty easy to do and the result… it’s very yummy!! To tell you the truth I started this recipe a night before. I prepared the dough and  it stayed in the fridge the whole night! The next morning I just put in [...]

If you want a quick and easy to do dessert…and in the same time to impress your guests…panna cotta is the answer. This is a world-famous dessert and it comes from the Aosta Valley- Italy being extremely popular to the northern regions. It is very easy to prepare, but its [...]

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