Unique Ice Cream Toppings

If you have ever been to an ice cream sundae party then you know how amazing they can be. Lots of fun and treats along with the inevitable concoctions that people make and do not end up eating. If you want to have an ice cream sundae party with your friends that they are going to talk about for years then you need to step up your game and add some class to this childhood favorite.

The top pastry chefs in the world have known the power of contrasting flavors for years and make use of it on a regular basis. If you want to take a hint from their play books, then consider salted caramel toppings. When we were little kids we wanted our ice cream and treats to be as sweet and rich as we could get them but our adult sense of taste is a bit more refined than that and can appreciate some contrast and some variation in a way that we never could before.

Eating salted caramel won’t destroy your taste buds the way that vanilla ice cream covered in a caramel sauce may do. That rich sweetness tends to cover your tongue with a slickness that I find really unpleasant today. Put out a small bowl of sea salt for people to top their creations with. They can add as much or as little as they like. Similar to beluga caviar on a cracker with farmer’s cheese and honey, the grains of salt will offer a burst of saltiness that really heightens and balances the sweetness.

Speaking of beluga caviar, you might want to actually consider having caviar as an option. I am not suggesting you buy beluga caviar and offer it as an ice cream topping. I am talking about fruit caviar. This is a much more affordable option and a unique topping that people will love. Fruit caviar can be golden American fish eggs that have been infused with fruit essences like guava or they can be tapioca pearls that have been given the same kind of infusion. These are entirely different than beluga caviar.