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Hey, the autumn is here… so it is definitely the time for a pumpkin pie! We had guests for dinner last evening. Some very dear friends accompanied us, so the menu included a spicy pumpkin cream soup, that was very appreciated, chicken with garbanzo beans, and for dessert, what else!?… pumpkin [...]

This is an easy to make appetizer and it comes in handy when you have friends coming over for a glass of beer. Ingredients for 6 servings: 250 gr. butter/or lard/or margarine; 250 gr. goat cheese/or any other type of cheese you like; 250 gr.  flour; 1 egg yolk; add [...]

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If you want a quick and easy to do dessert…and in the same time to impress your guests…panna cotta is the answer. This is a world-famous dessert and it comes from the Aosta Valley- Italy being extremely popular to the northern regions. It is very easy to prepare, but its [...]

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If you are on the run this recipe is perfect. It is very easy to do, requires no special ingredients, and is very tasty. For best results I recommend to use fresh, tiny champignon mushrooms. So, for 4 servings you need: 500gr champignon mushrooms; 2 medium size onion; 4 garlic [...]

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Whether you want a delicious snack or you invited your friends to have a pleasant evening over a glass of wine, this is the perfect recipe. And because of the parmigiano, smells like Italy! So, for this recipe you will need: 200gr flour; 80gr parmigiano regiano; 100gr butter; 2 egg yolks; [...]

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Lentil soup

This is a recipe tried  for the very first time. I had a lentil bag in my pantry and I didn’t know what to do with it, so after a thorough search I’ve decided to do a creamy soup. If you didn’t know by now this soup is very common [...]

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This is one of my favorite recipe and it’s relatively easy to make. And because the fall is knocking already on our doors is the perfect recipe for this time of the year. I’m sure that you will find plenty of plums, just in a short trip to your local [...]

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This is a recipe tried by me a long time ago when this blog was just an idea, so I don’t have pictures for all steps. All in all, this is an easy to do recipe; the looks is spectacular and it tastes great. The only thing that takes a [...]

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This weekend I’ve been to my grandmother’s the country side. It’s the place I grew up and every time I go there…it brings back so much beautiful memories. When I was just a kid, my grandmother prepared for me this dish very often and every time was absolutely delicious. [...]

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Who didn’t fall in love with the Turkish cuisine?!? I know I did…from the first time I visit this beautiful country. So, for today I’ve  picked a  recipe for one of the most famous Turkish pastry filled with spinach an feta cheese – Gözleme. For 7 servings you will need: [...]

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